Seven Hills Hospital Launches Military Unit for Service

HENDERSON, Nev., March 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Acadia Healthcare’s Military & Family Support Services (MFS) team is pleased to announce the opening of a new treatment program at Seven Hills Hospital for active-duty military service members and Veterans. The new military unit is currently open and will be celebrated at an open house at the end of March at Seven Hills Hospital.

“I am so thrilled to announce the opening of our Healthy Heroes unit at Seven Hills Hospital. This addition will help us make a monumental difference in the care provided for active-duty U.S. military service members from all branches and Veterans,” said Dr. Tonja Ochonma, program director of Healthy Heroes and combat Veteran. “This special military-focused program will allow Seven Hills to offer culturally competent and quality care for our nation’s bravest and most honorable, providing an impact for years to come.”

The new Healthy Heroes unit provides inpatient treatment for service members and Veterans who are struggling with various mental health and substance use disorders. In particular, the program specializes in treating posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, military sexual trauma (MST), and dual diagnosis concerns.

Service members and Veterans typically remain in the Healthy Heroes program for about 30-90 days and can benefit from various treatment modalities, including cognitive processing therapy (CPT), motivational interviewing, and the 12-Step model of recovery. Group therapy is the main form of treatment in the program; however, medication management, basic medical care, detox, and individual and family therapy sessions are also available, depending on patient needs. To provide a holistic treatment experience, the Healthy Heroes program also incorporates music, art, and physical recreation.

“We are proud of the tremendous growth happening at Seven Hills, especially during our 15th anniversary. This new unit will ensure that we will always be here for our military personnel as they need it, both now and in the future,” said Dr. Rustin Park, Seven Hills Hospital CEO and U.S. Air Force Veteran. “We have some of the best clinical experts at Seven Hills. As we continue to expand, we strive for excellence in meeting the community’s needs and providing quality mental health support for those who have dedicated their lives to service to this nation.”

To learn more about the services available through the Healthy Heroes program, individuals may contact the program director at (702) 614-2057. For admission to the program, please contact the MFS team at (844) 250-6110.

About Acadia Healthcare Military & Family Support Services

The Acadia Healthcare Military & Family Support Services (MFS) program is a free service that connects active-duty service members, Veterans, and their family members with mental health and substance use treatment providers in their area. Our military liaisons work with premier facilities across the U.S. both inside and outside Acadia’s nationwide network. Services include referral coordination, guidance with the admissions process, ongoing support throughout treatment, and aftercare support. For more information, please visit

About Seven Hills Hospital

Seven Hills Hospital is a premier provider of inpatient and outpatient treatment for individuals who are struggling with mental health concerns and addictions. Seven Hills offers a variety of programs, including inpatient treatment, detox services, intensive outpatient programming, and partial hospitalization programming. The services at Seven Hills are designed to provide focused care through age-specific treatment, including separate programs for children ages 5-11, adolescents ages 12-17, adults, and senior adults. Seven Hills Hospital also offers services that are tailored for individuals who need opioid addiction treatment. For more information, please visit

Seven Hills Hospital Launches Military Unit for Service
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