The Saudi Arabian Foodservice Market is anticipated to

Hyderabad, March 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to a new market research report titled “Saudi Arabia Foodservice Market-2023-2028", the Saudi Arabian food market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.71%. Saudi Arabia's youth-driven population is a significant driver of fast-food growth. Approximately 70% of the country’s population is under 30 years, causing an increase in mobile food preferences. These changes are broadly influenced by Western cultural trends in the Saudi market. This high demand for food services has created a favorable environment for industry growth. 

Over the medium term, the growing demand for home delivery and foodservice providers is expected to drive the market’s growth. Increasing health consciousness and the growing rate of obesity among the Saudi Arabian population are some challenges that can hinder market growth. 

Foodservice Market Research - What is driving the growth of the Saudi Arabian foodservice market? 

Over the past decade, Saudi Arabia witnessed more immigrants from Asia than from any other region, making Asians the fastest-growing immigrant population in the country. 

Some major market trends shaping the Saudi Arabian foodservice market, according to our research experts: 

  • Growing demand for Southeast Asian cuisine in Saudi Arabia. 
  • Saudi Arabia has a huge number of immigrants from Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 
  • Opportunity to capitalize on the trend of trying different cuisines. 
  • The diverse population of ex-pats in the country. 
  • Catering to the growing millennial population in Saudi Arabia. 
  • Diverse and unique Southeast Asian cuisine 

Some famous dining services offering authentic Southeast Asian cuisine in the country are Toki, Ginza I Chome, Bamboo Kitchen, Yauatcha Riyadh, and Hualan. 

What has been the impact of this growth?

The market has been experiencing rapid socio-cultural changes over the past few years, mainly due to the rapid economy growth, which allowed people from the country to travel to Western countries for tourism and education, thus exposing them to Western food and culture. 

The market also unveiled a series of significant tourism initiatives in Saudi Arabia, proving that the country is moving toward becoming a world-class global tourism hub, backed by competitive advantages that attract international travelers looking for new experiences in the country. Thus, this trend is creating a huge opportunity for restaurants offering Western cuisine, such as burgers and pizza, as they are a convenient go-to option. 

This trend is further augmenting the demand for global cuisines, thus boosting the number of foodservice outlets. In 2022, Saudi Arabia became the largest market due to the high penetration of international cuisines, accounting for more than half of the GCC foodservice market. 

Who are the key players in the Saudi Arabian foodservice market? 

The Saudi Arabian foodservice market is a fragmented and competitive market with the presence of several players. Key players in the market include: 

  • McDonald's Corporation 
  • Yum! Brands Inc. 
  • Herfy Food Services Co. 
  • Albaik Food Systems Co. SA 
  • Domino's Pizza Inc. 
  • Starbucks Corporation 
  • Al Tazaj 
  • Americana Group Inc. 
  • Shawaya House 

Recent Developments in the Saudi Arabian Foodservice Market:

  • December 2021: Riyadh International Catering Service, the franchisee of McDonald's restaurants in the Kingdom's Central, Eastern, and Northern regions, opened its 200th branch on Riyadh Boulevard. 
  • November 2021: Dominos launched a new side item, Domino’s Oven-Baked Dips, in three unique flavors: Cheesy Marinara, Five Cheese, and Baked Apple, to pair with Domino’s Bread Twists. 
  • May 2021: Kudu and Easternpak collaborated to develop a new sustainable product, the Kudu Breakfast Box. This one-of-a-kind packaging was created in response to the demand for a unique breakfast box. The box is designed to store meals while adding two slots for coffee cups, thus making it more practical.  

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The Saudi Arabian Foodservice Market is anticipated to
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