Berkshire Sterile to present on how to manage sensitive

Lee, MA, March 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing (BSM), a Massachusetts contract development and sterile manufacturing company, will describe how sensitive drug products are handled during the fill finish process in a webinar on March 15th.

As more complex, large-molecule biologics and other therapeutics enter the market, the demand for protecting products that are sensitive to temperature, light, and shear grows. BSM hopes to help sponsors with sensitive drug products, such as biologics, AAV and oligonucleotides, understand the options available to them to protect their product during formulation, filling, storage, and distribution.

BSM will cover topics such as how to keep drug products cool while formulating and filling in ambient cleanrooms, how to protect light sensitive product during formulation and filling, and how filtration and pumping actions affect shear-sensitive products.

On March 15, BSM will discuss a typical fill finish process and implications for sensitive drug products. They will also describe modifications that can be made to protect shear, light, and temperature-sensitive drug products, and what happens after the product leaves your fill finish site. BSM will also detail options available to sponsors to protect their sensitive drug product.

The event, Aseptic filling of unstable drug products, is free to attend, and those interested can register for the webinar here: #" BSM to host webinar Berkshire Sterile will discuss how to protect sensitive drug product during formulation and filling

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